Saturday, September 3, 2011

Before going back to Lendu Land, London, Melaka. =)

For those of my readers that still don't know, I'm currently studying at UiTM Lendu, Melaka or as I like to call it... LENDU LAND, LONDON. *insert smiley faces here* So, last night my friends and I hang out for the last time this holiday before we all go to our separate universities. We don't know where to go actually. After half an hour discussion, debating...we finally decided to go all the way from Rawang to One Utama, Damansara just to eat sushi king. hahaha  *insert another smiley faces here*. Anyway, to you Haziq, Danial, Ezzatul & Sharifah.. I had a great time last night. Next time why don't we go for a trip to Port Dickson? =)

Ezzatul Aisyah & Sharifah Afifah
sorry ezz..just had to upload this one. ahahahaha =)

The boys from left : Danial, Haziq & Me.

Just typical me. Going to a sushi restaurant but eat only rice. 

p/s : Ezz..I want the picture from your phone. E-mail it to me? Thanks *smiley face puppy face*

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