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My Journey In Photography

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I have updated this blog. Frankly, before this I didn't want to write anymore. But now that I have A LOT of free time..I feel like blogging again. =)

So check it.

Just now I was deleting unnecessary files from my laptop and I found an essay that I made for my Photography classes in UiTM. It's been  a year ago since I made this essay and I want to share it with all of you. So, here it is =)

          My journey started when I entered my third semester year in UiTM Lendu. Before this, I know a little bit about photography from my seniors back when I’m in semester 1. They all tell me that when I am in the third semester, I will learn a subject that is call Photo Communication. They explain that the class will teach me on how to take a picture using various techniques in photography.  My seniors also show some of the picture that they have submitted for their assignment and it’s all really good. I was super excited because I have been interested in photography for a long time. I have some of my friends who is a photographer and I admire them. Who knows, maybe after this I could be a professional photographer.
          So on the first day of the class, I was introduced to the world of photography by my class lecturer, Mr. Muhammad Hakimi Tew bin Abdullah. He said that in order to learn this subject, I must have a DSLR camera. He says to the class that we will not have to buy the DSLR and it is not compulsory to buy one. He also said that we can rent the camera at our faculty but it is limited to 50 people only. For me, I thought that I should buy it considering it is too difficult to rent the camera. So, I told my father that I want to buy the DSLR camera for my study. Since the DSLR is expensive, it was hard to conviced my father to buy one. 
          The first DSLR camera that I have in mind is the Canon EOS 550D. It is my dream camera. I told my father about the camera and when he checked the price, he said it was too expensive for me which was RM 2800. I was disappointed about it. Then, my father says to choose other camera model. It took a long time for me to find the perfect one until one day when I’m at home, and watching television, I came across the advertisement for the Nikon D3100. I was intrigued by the function of the camera. After the advertisement, I quickly go to my room and surf the internet to find the price of the camera. I was lucky because the normal price is around RM2000-RM2200. I tell my father about the camera and he says that it’s in his budget. I was happy and eagerly waited for my father to buy the camera.
          On the third week of my semester, my father came to my campus and gave me the camera. It was brand new and my father told me to take care of the camera well. I was very happy and thanked my father. After I got the camera, I try snapping some picture just to try it’s function. It was really easy handling the camera. As for the weight of the camera, it is lighter than any DSLR camera that I have tried. It also has a HD video quality so I can make a quality video. I noticed that some of my friends are also have the same camera model that I have. In the fourth week, Sir Hakimi said that we are going to have a Photo Camp.
          Photo Camp is a one day camp where the entire Masscomm student from my batch learned and polished their photography skill. These camps really teach me a lot on how to take a great picture. I learned all kind of stuff at there such as how to took a limited & extended photo, fast shutter & slow shutter, landscape & portrait. We also learned how to do a silhouette photo when the sunset comes. At night, we learned how to do a bulb photo using neon lights. Night photography is a little bit difficult and I have to capture the photo using tripod. Why I have to use a tripod is because it’s night and there is only a tiny amount of light that we have at night so the camera have to stay still of the image will be blurry and shaky. Overall, it is the best moment in my journey because I can learn a new thing from that camp.
          After Photo Camp, we were assigned to take a picture to submit to the Photo Gallery event. Photo Gallery is where the selected picture that was taken by our batch is featured in a gallery at the semester 6 event. The theme for this year is “Go Green”. Sir Hakimi said that each one of us have to capture at least 10 photos for him to review and select. We were separated by 6 groups. Each consist of 3 people. I was paired with Al-Yanieff and Iqbal. We took our picture all around Melaka. When the time comes, sir Hakimi select one best photo of our group to be featured in Photo Gallery. Al-Yanieff  picture was selected. Although I’m a bit disappointed that my picture was not selected, I’m happy for Yanieff because he took a very good picture. After a few days, we were told by the Photo Gallery committee that our group picture was also selected to be featured in “Malaysia Hari Ini”, a morning show at TV3. We were all very excited. I even called my mom to asked her to watch the show.
          Then, after all that, we were given an assignment to do a story board & took 7 pictures. A story board is a stop motion video presentation. Basically, we have to do a story in stop motion version. I already have my story written and I only have to start the project. In 7 pictures, I have to take a picture using all 7 techniques. I have captured the picture during my Photo Camp session but Sir Hakimi said that if I have a better picture, let him see it to get its approval and last week all my picture have been approved.
          So far, my journey is meaningful, and I get a lot of experience from it. My journey does not end here and as long as I have a camera, I will keep taking pictures and expression of anything. My name is Muhammad Shahrir Aizat and this is my journey in photography.

Pretty good right? Oh! and here is the picture that I'm talking about in my essay.

Pictures at the photo camp:

 that is my sunset silhouette shot.

and this is my panning shot.

Now for my Go Green picture :

This is one of the picture that I've submitted to sir Hakimi.

and this is the picture that Sir Hakimi pick. (My friends picture)

and lastly my 7 Pictures picture :

one of the 7 techniques. the slow shutter.

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